Mini Custard Crown

Mini Custard Crown

Mini Custard Crowns are traditional Danish pastries in miniature. We bake Custard Crowns with wheat flour and margarine containing RSPO-certified palm oil. Then, of course, we add scrumptious Lord Mayor filling and a vanilla-flavored cream. Supplied with white icing.
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approx. 40 g. - 10000091

Preparation: Baking time straight from the freezer: Pre-heat convection oven to 190°C and bake for 14-15 minutes, preferably with spigot open.
Ingredients: Water, Wheat flour, palm oil, sugar, rape seed oil, modified starch, whey powder (milk), yeast, pasteurized egg yolk, apricot seeds, firming agent (E953), salt, stabilizers (E401, E440, E412, E516, E450), vegetable emulsifiers (E471, E472e), colours (E170, E160a), whole milk powder, natural flavour, glucose syrup, almonds, milk protein, flour treatment agents (amylase (wheat), xylanase (wheat), E300), gelling agent (E406), acidity regulator (E330), vitamin A. topping: white icing (sugar, water, glucose syrup, coconut oil, acidity regulator (E260)).

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  • 100 $Global.Pieces
  • : -18 °C ($ProductDetails.Details.Storage.DoNotFreeze)
  • 4000 $Global.Grams
  • 40 $Global.Grams
  • 14-15 $Global.Minutes
  • 190 °C
  • : 104 $Global.Pieces
  • : 450 $ProductDetail.LifespanFromTimeOfProduction.Label