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Danish bread and pastries for any occasion

Baked in Denmark

Since the bakery was founded in 1969, Kohberg has been a Danish-, family-owned business. Therefore, it is quite natural for us to bake with flour from cereals grown in Denmark. We use Danish ingredients as far as possible, and the main ingredient in our bread and pastries is always Danish flour. 
We bake with Danish flour because the control of the Danish crops is incredibly thorough, and this means that with Danish flour we are guaranteed a high food safety, which we can pass on to our customers.

Denmark’s largest Danish-owned bakery

We are bakers - and delivering great bread to all our customers will always be at the heart of Kohberg’s business and our mission as a bakery. But we want more than that...

At Kohberg, we strive to incorporate sustainable alternatives and minimise waste throughout our entire value chain - from the ingredients grown in the field to the finished bread purchased by our customers.

We work closely together with our customers on the development and delivery of e.g. private label, as well as bake-off bread and pastries.