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Our history

Tradition for good craftsmanship

In the mid-1950s, master baker Alfred Kohberg took over an artisan bakery from his father in the small town of Bolderslev in Southern Jutland. Alfred Kohberg was Bolderslev’s local rye bread master, and it quickly became well-known in the area. 

In 1969, Alfred Kohberg moved the bakery to a new address at the edge of the town, where there was plenty of space to develop the bakery craft. Here, the first steps were taken on the road towards the Kohberg we all know today, and which is still located at the very same address in Bolderslev. Over the years, two more bakeries have been added, one in Taastrup and one in Haderslev. 


It all began...

The local rye bread master, Alfred Kohberg from Southern Jutland, establishes Kohberg bakery in Bolderslev.

The Fogtmann family buy the bakery

Alfred Kohberg sells his life's work to the Southern Jutland entrepreneur Preben Fogtmann and his wife Inga.

Takeover of the Trianon bakery

Kohberg buys the Red Weather Mill (Trianon bakery) and builds our white bread bakery in Taastrup.


We expand our white bread bakery to the current 10,000 m2.


We establish our first bake-off line in Bolderslev and hereby we expand our product range with new delicious Danish pastries.

The brothers Jesper and Per Fogtmann

2nd generation of the Fogtmann family, sons Jesper and Per, takes over the ownership of Kohberg.

Takeover of H.C. Andersen Bagergården

Kohberg takes over the unique and historical craft bakery H.C. Andersen Bagergården in Haderslev.

New rye bread line

We expand and establish our new line for rye bread in Bolderslev.


We develop Gyldenmask, which is baked with upcycled mash flour - a new type of flour which reuses the mash that is part of the residual production from beer. This is done in collaboration with Agrain®.

We are bakers

Craftmanship is the means and passion is our driving force.

With focus on taste, quality and functionality, we bake a wide selection of everything from tasty rye bread and crispy breakfast buns to delicious Danish pastries. 

Sourdough is an important ingredient in our rye bread. Keeping it in the perfect balance requires experience, knowledge and passion for great craftmanship. We use sourdough in all of our rye breads. It gives flavour, durability and character to the bread.
Preben Helleberg Jensen Baker & Product Developer