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Our values

We are bakers

Our mission as a bakery is to deliver great bread to all our customers

At Kohberg, the secret is great craftmanship and good-quality ingredients. We go to great lengths to ensure our customers get the best bread experiences, which is why we are constantly working to develop ourselves, but we also cherish the traditions. 


We embrace our social responsibility, and we are responsible towards customers, suppliers and each other. We take pride in the fact that you can count on us, and that we always act credibly.


We have a special passion for quality bread, and this passion is the real driving force behind everything we do.


We believe in dialogue, and our door is always open for a chat - for employees, management and you as a customer.

Team oriented

We create good results by working together in teams across our organisation, utilising the differences of our skilled colleagues to reach the goals set.


In a market that is constantly evolving, we are forward-thinking and ready for change, which applies both to the company as a whole and each individual employee. We are open and curious about new ways and constantly seeking to improve.