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The story of Kohberg began more than 60 years ago in the small town called Bolderslev in Southern Jutland

Today, Kohberg is Denmarks largest Danish- and family-owned bakery. We supply and develop delicious bread and pastries for several international clients, and many of our product categories include both organic and vegan varieties. 

Kohberg is a diverse company with many different nationalities, and our nearly 500 employees - of which more than 80 are trained bakers - work in our three bakeries in Bolderslev, Haderslev and Taastrup.

Regardless of background, we share a strong passion for good bread and pastries. 

Quality bread for everyone

We are bakers, and delivering great bread to all our customers will always be at the heart of Kohberg’s business and our mission as a bakery.

With a passion for bread, we provide great taste and make a fresh-baked bread experience easy for you. We want to be the most value-creating and attractive bakery for our customers. 

Research and development

Our team of bakers are fully aware of present developments and are highly innovative when it comes to producing bread and pastries. They are always considering solutions that matches current market trends and customer needs.

Trained bakers provide consistent quality

We have around 80 skilled trained bakers in our bakeries and they ensure a consistent quality and maintain our proud baking traditions in the way the bread and pastries are baked.

Our three bakeries

It began with a small local craft bakery in the town of Bolderslev in Southern Jutland. Since then, H.C. Andersen Bagergården in Haderslev, and our large bakery in Taastrup, have become a part of Kohberg.

Right from the start, Kohberg has been developing rapidly, and we will of course continue to do so. At the same time, we stick to the proud baking traditions that have been the core of Kohberg from the very beginning. It is the cornerstone of everything we do and the foundation for our three bakeries. 

  • Kohberg Bakery Group A/S Kernesvinget DK-6392 Bolderslev
  • H.C. Andersen Bagergården A/S Sverigesvej 3 DK-6100 Haderslev
  • Kohberg Bakery Taastrupgårdsvej 24 DK-2630 Taastrup