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We carefully select our ingredients and suppliers that meet our high standards for food safety and quality

We use a wide range of labels and logos that make it easier to navigate between the products without reading the entire product declaration. They guarantee that the bread meets requirements within, for example, nutrition, origin and sustainability. Here you can read what the different labelling schemes mean.

Danish flour

We bake with flour from cereals grown in Denmark without straw-shortening agents and without pesticides containing glyphosate. With Danish flour, the individual bread emits approx. 20% less carbon than if we use flour that has been brought here from abroad.


"The Green Heart" is a guarantee that the products do not contain any kind of animal products – such as milk, eggs and honey.

Organic (EU)

With the EU's organic label, it shows that the product is organic and has been produced and controlled according to the guidelines in the EU's organic regulation.


The red "Ø" mark is a guarantee that an organic product has been checked by the Danish authorities. They are regularly checking the farms and companies who produce, process, package or label the organic goods in Denmark.

The Whole Grain logo

Whole grain means that all parts of the grain are included - including the seed and husk, where most of the fibre, vitamins and minerals are. The Whole Grain label requires products to contain whole grains, as well as additional requirements for fat, sugar, salt and fibre.

Nordic Keyhole label

To get the Nordic Keyhole label (a common Nordic nutrition label), a food must be high in fibre and whole grains, and lower in fat, unsaturated fat, sugar and salt - making it easy to choose healthy products without reading the whole label.


RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) was established in 2004 to address the negative impacts of the massive global demand for palm oil, including in Indonesia and Malaysia, where palm oil was the primary cause of tropical rainforest deforestation. The RSPO certification guarantees that palm oil complies with environmental and social principles and criteria.


The BRC Food Certificate from the British Retail Consortium - a certification that sets some of the highest standards for food manufacturers in terms of management, product safety, hygiene, authenticity and employee training. The requirements include detailed descriptions of all procedures and work processes, which are checked annually by a certifying body, and all BRC requirements are reviewed in our internal audits.


SMETA is a globally recognized standard that measures a company’s work with CSR initiatives, such as working conditions, -safety and business ethics. In Kohberg, we are associated with the SMETA audit through our SEDEX membership, and we therefore set high standards for our own role as a responsible employer.

CSR Report 2023

We are bakers - and delivering great bread to all our customers will always be at the heart of Kohberg’s business and our mission as a bakery. But we want more than that...

In our CSR report, you can read more about our actions and our goals.

Quality and food safety are our top priorities. We are certified and set the strictest requirements for ourselves and each other. This is your guarantee of good bread that you can safely eat, sell and serve.
Line Ransby Olsen Group Quality Manager