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Kohberg joins the SMETA standard and strengthens its position in the export market

In March 2024, Kohberg's bakery in Bolderslev, Denmark, was SMETA audited according to the world’s most widely used audit used to measure a company's work with CSR initiatives, including working conditions, environmental performance and business ethics. With a SMETA audit, Kohberg increases its positioning as an attractive trading partner in the export market.

It's not only in Denmark that we love Danish pastry. At Kohberg, we are experiencing a growing interest in Danish pastry from customers around the world, which is why a natural next step was to join the SMETA standard at SEDEX.

“Becoming SMETA audited is an important step for Kohberg. With a globally set of standards, we can measure how good we are in our CSR work and compare ourselves with competitors at home and abroad. It is both an internal strength, as we become wiser about our own development potential, but it is very much a necessity to make us attractive to customers in the export market,” says Thomas Kahr Knudsen, COO at Kohberg.

A SMETA audit examines how a company works with the following four areas: 

  • Labour standards
  • Health and safety
  • Business Ethics
  • The Environment

Positive feedback from auditing

Prior to the audit, which consists of a physical visit by an auditor, Kohberg completed a comprehensive questionnaire and submitted key figures for electricity, water and gas consumption.

The auditor conducted individual and group interviews with 26 employees to gain insight into working conditions, safety and well-being. The interviews were conducted confidentially and without the presence of management.

“We have received positive feedback from the auditor, which we are very happy about. But there's always room for improvement, which is why we've already launched initiatives to improve workplace safety even further,” says Thomas.

SMETA gives Kohberg a strengthened 'license to supply'

The SMETA standard is today one of the largest global audits and known by many large companies in the export market. Therefore, Kohberg cannot necessarily differentiate itself by being SMETA-audited, but it strengthens Kohberg's positioning as an attractive trading partner in the export market.

“We are increasingly experiencing that our customers are demanding transparency throughout the value chain. With SMETA, we at Kohberg obtain a 'license to supply' - also on a global level - and can now offer our international customers high-quality baked goods, while playing with open cards in the way we do business. This creates value for current and future collaborations,” says Thomas.