Premium Cinnamon Whirl

Premium Cinnamon Whirl w/baking cup

A premium version of the classic cinnamon whirl with an attractive rustic look and generous size that offers a delicious crumb. To achieve the smooth, characteristic flavor, we added lots of delicious filling, made of sweet brown sugar and high-quality cinnamon. The Premium Cinnamon Whirl is made in a practical paper baking pan that prevents the scrumptious caramelized filling from escaping.
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approx. 110 g. - 10000694

Preparation: Bake straight from the freezer in accompanying baking cups for approx. 23 min. at 190°C (convection oven), preferably with vent open.
Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, palm oil, brown sugar (sugar, canesugar molasses), rapeseed oil, fructose-glucose syrup, coconut oil, yeast, sugar, glucose syrup, modified starch, whey powder (milk), salt, vegetable emulsifiers (E471, E472e), cinnamon, corn starch, leavening agents (E450, E500), invert syrup, stabilizers (E412, E401, E516), dextrose, colours (E170, E160a), whole milk powder, molasses, natural flavouring, acidity regulators (E330, E500, E507), flour treatment agents (E300, amylase (wheat), xylanase (wheat)), milk protein, vitamin A.

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  • 80 $Global.Pieces
  • : -18 °C ($ProductDetails.Details.Storage.DoNotFreeze)
  • 8800 $Global.Grams
  • 110 $Global.Grams
  • 23 $Global.Minutes
  • 190 °C
  • : 40 $Global.Pieces
  • : 365 $ProductDetail.LifespanFromTimeOfProduction.Label