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Rye bread snacks

Irresistible rye bread snacks

At Kohberg, we have developed some delicious rye bread snacks, with taste great, easy to eat on the go, and which are an alternative to the unhealthy snacks.

Kohberg have been baking rye bread for more than 50 years. The passion for good bread is our daily driving force, regardless of what we do, and we put all our commitment into the development of our bread - both when it comes to good-quality ingredients, and the great taste.

Our rye bread snacks are baked using a delicious, traditional rye sourdough, and they are also packed with grains and other tasty ingredients. 

Our rye bread snacks are available in two varieties and are small, tasty meals in themselves. However, you can easily combine them in new ways such as by cutting them and serving them with a thick layer of butter, jam or other tasty spreads. Choose between our Rye bread snack with chocolate or our Rye bread snack with cranberries.

The entire range of rye bread snacks can be used directly as Thaw & Serve.

Baked in Denmark

Our rye bread snacks are baked in our South Jutland bakeries by our skilled bakers, who help ensure the uniform quality and preserve the proud craftsmanship traditions in the way the bread is baked.