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Danish pastries

The secret behind Danish pastry

Danish pastry is a delicious combination of many crispy layers and good filling, which makes the taste experience completely irresistable. At Kohberg, we have many years of expertise in pastry, and we know how to bake a great cinnamon whirl, a tasteful custard crown or just the right sweet pastry turnover.

It is a special discipline to bake tasty pastries that has the right crispyness and lightness that characterizes the Danish classic. The discipline is mastered by our skilled bakers - and here the good-quality ingredients and traditional dough are a large part of the secret. In addition, the special lamination technique makes the pastry deliciously flaky and airy. 

Lamination is a folding technique, where dough and margarine are alternately layered and rolled. Danish pastry consists of up to 27 layers depending on the specific type of pastry. At Kohberg, we use rolled margarine instead of butter when we laminate, because the rolled margarine is very flexible - and it is a Danish invention, which was developed especially for baking pastry.

Inspiration for you

Once you have finished baking our pastry, it is ready to be served as it is - fresh and delicious straight from the oven. If you want, you can also add your own touch with some nice decorations.

Here are a few tips for decorating the pastry:

  • Sprinkle with oat flakes or chopped hazelnuts for a little extra bite
  • Garnish your pastry with fresh fruit, which complements the sweetness of the pastry wonderfully and it looks both fresh and inviting
  • Unleash your creativity with classic glaze. Spice it up with new colours and flavours, such as a delicious, creamy caramel, or a yellow fresh lemon glaze – the only limitation is your imagination