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Danish smørrebrød

Explore the Danish smørrebrød trends

Traditional Danish smørrebrød is currently thriving and experiencing a major revival. The many new interpretations give the Danish lunch classic a modern twist and make it an exciting gourmet experience around the world.

The Danes love their tasty rye bread. And there are many reasons why. Danish rye bread is rich in grains, has a good texture and provides a completely different feeling of satiety than light bread – and it's the basis for both classic and newly interpreted Danish open sandwiches.

"Smørrebrød" is the Danish term for slices of rye bread that are spread with butter and topped with cold cuts such as cheese, fish, meat, eggs, liver pate or sausage in thick layers. On top, they’re decorated with creamy mayonnaise, mayonnaise-based sauces, or other dressings as well fresh or pickled vegetables and herbs.

What the Danes call 'højbelagt smørrebrød' (highly layered Danish open sandwiches) dates back to the 1880s and, as the name suggests, you can barely see the bread under the cold cuts and garnishes. That's why smørrebrød is eaten with cutlery.

Danish smørrebrød is flourishing

Danish smørrebrød is still thriving – just in different guises with influences from abroad and new trends. That's why in recent years we've seen a marked interest in rye bread from abroad, and many cafés have put rye bread sandwiches on the menu. In this context, the avocado, among others, has gained popularity as a delicious and tasty topping on the rye bread or in the sandwich.

In other words, the classic smørrebrød varieties have followed the trends of the time and been given a modern twist. Today, the sandwiches are expected to be a gastronomic experience in taste, texture and visual appeal.

Smørrebrød with a twist

At Kohberg, we think about how rye bread can inspire new and creative ways of serving sandwiches. In some new interpretations of the Danish smørrebrød, we have swapped some of the classic ingredients for new ones, creating exciting new taste experiences. Find them under our recipes.

Fortunately, we have many different varieties of rye bread, each of which contributes to a unique taste experience along with the toppings and garnishes.