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Twisted Buns baked with Butter

Tasty twisted buns baked with butter

Our new Twisted Cinnamon and Cardamom Buns are baked in our Danish craft bakery. Our skilled bakers have developed these tasty, twisted buns.

Treat your guests with our delicious new Twisted Cinnamon and Cardamom Buns. Baked entirely with butter and a soft dough for an extra spongy texture. The combination of butter and sugar caramelizes and gives an extra depth of flavour. In addition, they have a delicious filling of either cinnamon or cardamom flavour. Perfect for the sweet tooth.

Our tasty buns are baked at our Danish craft bakery located in Southern Jutland, which specializes in niche breads. This is where our smaller product series, such as pastry, are baked. Of course, both are also baked with flour from grains grown, harvested, and milled in Denmark. We bake with Danish flour because the control of Danish crops is incredibly thorough, and this means that with Danish flour we are guaranteed a high food safety, which we can pass on to our customers.

Available as both Thaw & Serve or Bake-off. 

During baking, the melted butter and sugar caramelises in the pasty base, creating an intense aroma.

With Thaw & Serve you can save time and money, and also gain flexibility in the kitchen without compromising on quality. Simply defrost the buns and serve them without losing any of the delicious flavours.

More than 120 years old craft bakery

Our buns are baked in our craft bakery, H.C. Andersen Bagergården, in Southern Jutland. HCA – as the bakery is called in daily speech - is Denmark's largest craft bakery specializing in niche breads, and this is where Kohberg bakes the smaller product series of rye bread, wheat bread and pastry.