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Clean Label

Clean Label pastry range

Our Clean Label pastry range is made with fewer E-numbers, natural ingredients and without any artificial additives.


Natural ingredients

  • Reduced E-numbers and only the use of permitted  organic additives, deemed necessary to achieve the desired product properties
  • Well-known, everyday ingredients without any artificial colours and with natural preservatives
  • No straw-shortening agents or GMO

Unique taste

  • The taste is emphasized by using traditional and natural ingredients, such as real vanilla and fruit filling without the use of artificial additives
  • No artificial flavours or sweeteners

E-number free dough

  • Our Clean Label Danish Pastries are baked with dough without any E-numbers
  • Reduced margarine compared to traditional Danish pastry standard


  • RSPO certified palm oil, which is produced in an environmental and socially responsible way
  • Flour from cereals grown in Denmark without straw-shortening agents and pesticides containing glyphosate. With Danish flour,  the individual loaf of bread emits about 20 % less CO2 than if we use flour that has been shipped here from abroad
  • Plastic packaging made from recyclable material