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Burger Buns

Burger buns with lots of flavour

At Kohberg, we always focus on developing the best bread and giving our customers the best tasting experiences. Therefore, our bakers have been developing some tasty new burger buns based on current food trends.

Our bakers are working with sustainable innovation, constantly ensuring that the development of new products is based on knowledge and facts about the latest trends and exciting tendencies. In this way, we ensure that our new products start out with a unique position in the market.

In the southern part of Denmark, we have a craft bakery, where our bakers have developed an Organic Sourdough Burger Bun and a Cold Rise Spelt Burger Bun with a focus on taste and quality. We have tried to combine our world of bakery with the world of chefs because we want to try expanding the idea of the use of our breads. We want to make it easy for professional kitchens to use our products, which is why our burger buns are pre-cut and function as Thaw & Serve.

Our Organic Sourdough Burger Bun is a classic burger bun with a lovely mild flavour. It is baked with a liquid sourdough that adds a more distinctive and characteristic flavour. Perfect for lunch.

You can also treat your guests with our Cold Rise Spelt Burger Bun. It's baked with a pre-dough that has been left to rise for 24 hours, which makes it an extra flavourful bun. It also has a deliciously juicy crumb and a good bite.

Thaw & Serve

With our Thaw & Serve concept you can – without compromising on quality - save time and money and gain flexibility in the kitchen. The concept is simple: Defrost the bread and serve it without losing any of the delicious flavours.