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Golden Spent Grain Rye Bread

From a leftover product to a rye bread favourite

At Kohberg, we have a desire to contribute positively to the development of the society. Therefore, we have developed a tasty Golden Spent Grain Rye Bread with consideration of the environment – baked with upcycled spent grain flour. Now you can both spoil your guests with juicy bread and a clear conscience.

Our bakers have made dough for a new frosty rye bread favourite. Baked with rye kernels, flaxseed, and spent grain flour from Agrain®. Spent grain flour is based on spent grain, which is a residual product from beer brewing, and is a valuable ingredient in our Golden Spent Grain Rye Bread. The spent grain flour gives the bread character and adds an exquisite rich and nutty flavour. At the same time, the spent gain flour helps us to upcycle resources that would otherwise go to waste.  

Baked with Danish upcycled flour

Spent grain are “used grains” from beer brewing – when the brewery has extracted the sugars from the grains to ferment the beer, they have no more use of them. The spent grain is therefore pressed, dried, ground and upcycled into flour, which our bakes are then turning into delicious rye bread. The taste varies depending on the type of beer the malt comes from – and that makes the spent grain flour an exciting ingredient to bake with. Agrain® gets all their spent grain flour from Danish microbreweries. 

We take responsibility

At Kohberg, we make an effort to impact our environment as little as possible. When baking with Danish flour, we emit about 20 % less carbon per bread, because the flour does not have to be transported here from abroad. We have a policy of using flour that comes from grain grown without straw-shortening agents and without pesticides containing glyphosate. By choosing Danish flour, we are certain that we live up to our own high standards - because the control of Danish crops and food is more thorough.