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Rustic Potato Rolls Mix

A delicious mix for the breakfast buffet

We all have our different preferences and taste, and there needs to be room for that. With our mixed box, we make it simple for you to offer different breakfast buns for every taste.

From the mixed box of breakfast buns, your guests can choose between Light Potato Rolls, Dark Potato Rolls, Potato Rolls with Seeds & Kernels, and Potato Rolls with Pumpkin Seeds.

The four delicious varieties are all baked in our craft bakery in Denmark, where our bakers have used spelt sourdough to give them an extra crunchy, rustic, and tasty crust. Under the crunchy crust there is a soft and juicy crumb. In the dark variants the seeds and kernels provide a nice contrast to the soft and mild wheat taste.

Flour is one of the main ingredients in our Potato Rolls and therefore they are baked with the Danish flour from grain grown without straw-shortening agents and without pesticides containing glyphosate.

The mixed box is available as both 80 grams and as a mini mix of 55 grams. Defrost the bread at room temperature for 1 hour, and then bake them for approx. 2-4 minutes at 200°C. Then they are ready to serve.  

Four crispy varieties

The mixed box consists of light, dark and seed-rich Potato Rolls.

Light Potato Rolls: Baked with wheat- and spelt flour. Sprinkled with durum wheat flour on top.

Dark Potato Rolls: Baked with wheat-, rye- and spelt flour. Sprinkled with durum wheat flour on top.

Potato Rolls with Seeds and Kernels: Baked with wheat- and spelt flour and added sunflower seeds, linseeds, and sesame seeds. Sprinkled with blue poppy seeds and sesame seeds on top. 

Potato Rolls with Pumpkin Seeds: Baked with wheat-, rye- and spelt flour and added pumpkin seeds. Sprinkled with chopped pumpkin seeds on top.